FINALIST - New York City International S
SEMI-FINALIST - Big Apple Film Festival
QUARTER-FINALIST - Page Turner Screenpla
SEMI-FINALIST - Chicago Screenplay Award

written by 

Luis A. Colón and Alex Whitmer


While contending with the trauma she faced on the battlefield. An Afghanistan War veteran finds that her former brother-in-arms is a vigilante targeting criminals, which forces her to choose between being a loyal friend or upholding the law. However, when tragedy hits home, they find themselves face-to-face with their past.  


Since returning home from Afghanistan, Olivia and Keith both suffer from nightmares of their last mission, which left one of their own dead. Even though Olivia has had an easier time adjusting to normal life by resuming her relationship with Patricia, her longtime partner, and has become a detective within the New York police department. Keith, on the other hand, becomes a teacher in hopes to steer young teens on the right path, but his demons begin to take a toll on him and he finds the cure to his nightmares. 


Meanwhile, a special ATF unit arrives in New York under the request from the Mayor to bring down an elusive and vicious criminal, only known as “Sombra.” The ATF unit is led by Victor Hernandez, who years earlier pushed his family away since he disapproved of his daughter’s life choices. He now feels the need for reconciliation. 


As Olivia investigates a string of murders of known criminals, she learns that Keith has secretly taken justice into his hands, and she decides to confront Keith. During the confrontation, Keith asks Olivia to help him mete out rough justice, but as a sworn officer, Olivia refuses. However, when Patricia gets attacked by one of Sombra's man, Olivia joins Keith in a vigilante quest for Patricia’s attacker. 


In the final showdown, Olivia finds Sombra holding her estranged father Victor at gunpoint in a shoot or die situation. But now Olivia learns the true identity of Sombra is Eddie, the fallen brother she and Keith left for dead in Afghanistan, and who changed his allegiance to the Taliban. Now, Olivia must decide between rectifying a past mistake or preserving the future of her family.